The New AI-Powered Search Engine The immage describe the new Bing interface

The New AI-Powered Search Engine

In the article Bing, the New AI-Powered Search Engine we will talk about the power of AI used by the Bing search engine.

Every day, there are 10 billion searches made, but it is estimated that half of them remain unanswered.

This is because people use search for tasks for which it was not originally intended. Search engines are great for finding websites, but for more complex questions or tasks, they often fail to provide satisfactory answers.

Bing has launched its new AI-powered search engine that offers a unified experience for search, navigation, and chat.

With the power of OpenAI and Microsoft Prometheus, Bing aims to revolutionize the search engine experience by providing comprehensive answers to complex questions.

Better Search Experience

The new Bing offers an improved version of the usual search experience, providing more relevant results for simple searches like sports results, stock quotes, and weather.

It also offers a new sidebar that displays more complete answers.

With the new Bing, users can get comprehensive answers to their queries without having to scroll through multiple results.

Complete Answers

Bing analyzes results from across the web to find and summarize the answer to your query. For example, you can get detailed instructions on how to substitute eggs with another ingredient in a cake you are making, without having to scroll through multiple results.

New Chat Experience

For more complex searches, such as planning a detailed travel itinerary or searching for a TV to buy, the new Bing offers a new interactive chat experience.

The chat experience allows users to refine their search until they get the complete answer they are looking for by asking for additional details, clarity, and ideas, with links available to take action immediately on decisions made.

Support for Creativity

There are times when you need more than just an answer – you need inspiration.

The new Bing can generate content to help you write an email.
Create a 5-day itinerary for a dream vacation in Hawaii with links to book travel and accommodation. Prepare for a job interview or create a quiz for trivia night.
The new Bing also cites all its sources, making links to the referenced web content available.

The New AI-Powered Search Engine

New Microsoft Edge Experience

Microsoft Edge has been updated with new AI features and a new look, and two new functions have been added: Chat and Compose.

With the Edge sidebar, users can ask for a summary of a long financial report.
To get the main data and then use the chat function to request a comparison, the financial data of a competing company and automatically insert it into a table.

Users can also ask for help from Edge in composing content, such as a LinkedIn post, by giving it some starting tips.

Later on, users can ask Edge for support to update the tone, format, and length of the post. Edge can understand the web page you are on and adapt accordingly.

With the new Bing, exploring the web is not only easier but also more fun. Users can ask for information like:

  • My anniversary is coming up, help me plan a fun trip to Europe starting from London.
  • Will the Klippan armchair from Ikea fit in my 2019 Honda Odyssey?
  • I love electronic music and want to go to my first festival this year. Do you have any recommendations or advice for me?

Reinventing Search with Artificial Intelligence

Bing is excited to announce that the new Bing is based on a new OpenAI language model that is more powerful than ChatGPT

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